9. References - Books

The Garbage Generation by Daniel Amneus
Today's judges are virtual accessories to child abuse when they place children in female-headed households where they are far more likely to be mistreated, neglected, impoverished and delinquent.
ISBN 0-9610864-5-9 Primrose Press 1991

Farewell to the Family by Patricia Morgan
Government policies are undermining the family, as rising numbers of lone-parent families, divorces, out-of-wedlock births and the increasing popularity of cohabitation testify. Large numbers of unattached and predatory males who have never taken on the responsibilities of family life, or who have been ejected from families, now meet the classic conditions for the creation of a 'warrior class'.
ISBN 0-255 36356-7 IEA 1995

The Sex Change Society: Feminised Britain and the Neutered Male by Melanie Phillips
This book is recommended to anyone interested in getting an insight into the machinations surrounding the gender debate. It is an excellent and hard hitting book and many will, I expect, enjoy what Melanie has to say about Family Law.
ISBN 1 874097 64 X The Social Market Foundation 1999

The Myth of Male Power by Warren Farrell
Why men are the disposable sex. Earning money that someone else spends while you die sooner is not power. It has been overwhelmingly men who have died for their country - and they have largely had no choice in the matter. Men do the worst jobs; they also dominate the suicide figures. Yet the belief that men have the power continues to keep women from understanding men and men from understanding themselves.
ISBN 1-85702-211-4 Fourth Estate 1993

Not Guilty by David Thomas
A splendid book - a charge of the Light Brigade against the batteries of current wisdom. This book defends men.
ISBN 0-297-81216-5 Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1993

No More Sex War by Neil Lyndon
The failures of feminism
1992 Mandarin Paperbacks

The Parental Alienation Syndrome by Richard Gardner
A guide for mental health and legal professionals
ISBN 0933812248 Creative Therapeutics 1992

Fighting for the Family by Lynette Burrows
The childrens rights lobby is a paper tiger. It consists of a small number of individuals who form front organisations ask each other to sit on committees take evidence from each other and publish reports. The movement has no popular support... The rights which interest the lobby boil down to only two: the right of the children to behave badly without any chastisement, and the right to enter into any sexual relationship at any age without the knowledge and consent of parents. The agenda thus fits neatly with the stated aims of paedophile organisations which realised long ago that the only way to obtain access to children was to persuade professionals and campaigning organisations to demand freedom for children from any form of restraint. The book especially cites Peter Newell but also: John Pinkerton Christine Walby, Catriona Williams, Gerison Lansdown, Rachael Hodgkin Phillipa Russell, Martin Rosebaum, Zarina Curtz, Nicholas Peacy, Nicholas Doyle, Kathleen Marshall, John Tomlinson, Mark Vaugn, Penelope Leech, Allan Levy, Paul Cumo, Ann Weyman, Robert Smith.
ISBN 0906-229-146 Family Education Trust, Woodstock Road, Oxford

Abused Men - The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence By Phillip Cook
Published by Westport Publications Ltd. 3 Henrietta St. London, WC2E 8LT

Divorced Dads: Shattering the Myths by Sanford L. Braver, Ph.D
Published by Tarcher/Putnam. Available at Amazon.com

Discrimination Against men in the UK
UKMM Publications Section

Divorce The facts you need to know . . . but might not be told by a lawyer
UKMM Publications Section

The Gender Divide by Ofsted
Details the growing divide between boys and girls academic achievements
ISBN 0113500823 Tel: 0171-873-9090

All Must Have Prizes by Melanie Phillips
In devastating detail Melanie Phillips charts the flight from literacy and knowledge that has taken place in Britain's education system from its nursery schools to its universities.
ISBN 0-7515-2274-0 Warner 1996

Who Stole Feminism? by Christina Hoff Sommers
Basic Books Harper Collins

Family Law Textbook ed Malcolm Dodds - Cons ed Lord Templeman
covers Nullity - Divorce - Judicial Separation - Presumption of Death & dissolution of Marriage - Jurisdiction and recognition of Foreign Decrees - Ancillary Relief - Property Rights - Financial relief - Occupation of the Family Home - Magistrates Courts - Separation & maintenance agreements - Parent & Child (CAct etc) - Taxation on divorce.
legislation up to date to end of May 1999
ISBN 85836 312 8 Old Bailey Press Second Ed 1999 (1st pub 1997)

Lip Service. The myth of female virtue in love, sex and friendship.
ISBN 0-04-440993-1 Pandora

When She Was Bad. Violent women and the myth of innocence.
Viking Books

Between Men and Feminism Men finding their own way within the spaces feminism has opened up to them. Various contributions from Britain and North America, including a colective item from a Cambridge men's group.
ISBN 0-415-06988 Routledge 1992

Families and how to survive them by Robin Skynner and John Cleese
How do people choose a partner? Why do they fall in love? What roles do they adopt or impose on one another? How do they behave towards their children? These are just some of the questions - vital to a happy and healthy family life - explored by family therapist Dr Robin Skynner and his former patient, humorist John Cleese.
ISBN 0-7493-0254-2 Mandarin 1983

Families Without Fatherhood by Norman Dennis and George Erdos
The British equivalent of America's anti-welfare manifesto may now have been written by .... Dennis and Erdos.
ISBN 0-255 36351-6 IEA 1993

Rising Crime and the Dismembered Family by Norman Dennis
How Conformist Intellectuals have campaigned against common sense. Social affairs intellectuals are strongly inclined to subscribe to the politically-correct doctrines of the day. The result is that universities, instead of being havens for fearless seekers after truth, have become easy berths for conformists who are fearful of being labelled 'politically incorrect'.
ISBN 0-255 36350-8 IEA 1993

Fatherhood Reclaimed - the Making of the Modern Father by Adrienne Burgess
ISBN 0091790204 Vermillion / Random House 1997

FATHERCARE by John Griffiths
A guide for single resident fathers. Gives detailed survey of fifty two single fathers as well as Griffiths own experience
ISBN 0905899-563 Colt Books 9 Clarendon Road, Cambridge. Tel: 01223-357047 Pub: 1997

Unreasonable Behaviour - Diary of a Divorced Man by Jim Parton
An informative, humorous and moving account of a father's journey through the horrors of the divorce process
ISBN 0 684 816 92X Simon and Schuster Pub: 1997

The Exeter Family Study by M. Cockett and J. Tripp
Family breakdown and its impact on children. Reviews existing research on children's adjustment to separation and divorce.
ISBN xxx University of Exeter Press 1994

Being There: Fathers after divorce by B. Simpson et al
Retrospective qualitive study of 91 non resident fathers who divorced in 1985 followed through to 1991.
ISBN 1 899232 02 8 Relate Centre for Family Studies/ University of Newcastle. 1995

Men are from Mars women are from Venus by John Gray
ISBN 072252840X

Understanding Women by Luise Eichenbaum and Susie Orbach
Centres on a radical reappraisal of the mother - daughter relationship, and of how the family and social context creates women's sense of themselves. Here the authors build up a model of women's psychology, illustrated with case histories, and discuss its consequences in terms of the psycological problems - such as depression, phobias and eating disorders - commonly affecting women.
ISBN 0-14-022628-1 Pelican 1985

Baby Care Book by Miriam Stoppard
The essential guide to caring for and coping with your baby during the first three years of life. It provides straightforward, sensible solutions to the problems which any new parent is likely to face.
ISBN 0-86318-452-9 Dorling Kindersley 1990

The Emperor's New Clothes by Cheltenham Group
This is a book with: a description of divorce process and consequence, a dossier of 126 one-page case studies from the FNF survey, a further 26 case studies from some non-FNF people, and finally the survey results as an annex. It describes the malpractices going on in matrimonial/family cases and refers to examples from the case studies, and statistics to support this as evidence. It's an 'expose'.
ISBN 1-900080-03-6 The Cheltenham Group 1996

Broken Homes and battered children by Robert Whelan
Gives evidence that children are 20 to 33 times safer living with their biological married parents than in other configurations.
ISBN 0906-229-111 Family Education Trust 1994

The Children Act in Practice by White, Carr and Lowe
Very good book on the Children's Act, also contains information about children in care plus a copy of the act itself.
ISBN 0 406 03259 9 Butterworths

Iron John by Robert Bly
A book about men. The male equivalent of the Female Eunuch
ISBN 1-85230-419-7 Element 1992

Men and their Children by Adrienne Burgess and Sandy Ruxton
Explores the experience of men within families. Suggests changes in public policy to accomodate the changing role of men as parents within the changing family structure.
ISBN 1-86030 034 0 IPPR

The Which? Guide to mens health by Dr Steve Carroll
Suggests reasons why men have a much higher risk of dying younger, and how men can take much better care of their well being.
ISBN 0-85202-665-X Which Books 1994

The Failure of Feminism by Nicholas Davidson
Prometheus 1988

Fire in the Belly by Sam Keen
Bantam 1991

The Myth of the Monstrous Male by John Gordon
Playboy Press 1982

Sexual Suicide by George Gilder

Men and Marriage by George Gilder
Pelican 1987

Refusing to be a man by John Stoltenberg
Essays on sex and justice
ISBN 0-452-01043-8 Fontana 1990

The End of Manhood by John Stoltenberg
A book for men of conscience
ISBN 0-452-27304-8 Fontana 1994

Every Man by Derek Llewellyn-Jones
Is as good on emotions and social problems as it is on the physical facts of life. Offers men a detailed, sympathetic account of their bodies, their needs, and their problems.
ISBN 0-19-286120-4

Life without father by David Popenoe
ISBN 0-684-82297-0

Sinews of the Heart Ed by James Ryan
A book of Men's writings. A men's writing collective project telling it like it is - the tensions and pleasures of many stages of male life.
ISBN 0-907123-41-4 Five Leaves UK 1995

The Sexuality of Men by Andy Metcalf and Martin Humphries
ISBN 0-86104-638-2 Pluto 1985

False Allegation by Charles McDowell
Study of false rape allegation. The study concludes that 27 percent of all rape charges are false. Chicago Lawyer June 1985
FBI Academy 1985

Boys will be boys by Myriam Miedzian
Breaking the link between masculinity and violence. Shows that children raised by the father actually do better.
Doubleday 1991

Wounded Innocents by Richard Wexler
Well documented indictment of the child molestation industry.

Fatherless America by David Blankenhorn
Confronting our most urgent social problem
ISBN 0-465-01483-6

Good will toward men by Jack Kammer
Perils of the victim mentality. False rape accusations.
ISBN 0-312-10471-5 Pub: 1994

The Courage to Raise Good Men by Michael Joseph
Olga Silverstein, family therapist, on avoiding stereotyping pressures in bringing up boys.
ISBN 0-7181-3697-7 Pub: 1994

The relationship revolution by Duncan Dormor

Advocacy in Court: A Beginner's Guide by Keith Evans
Written for junior barristers and tells them what to do and how to do it, with amusing anecdotes and clear reasoning.
ISBN 1-85431-458-0

First do no harm by Felicity Goodyear-Smith
ISBN 0-86470-047-4

The Hook and the Sting - The Legal Mafia by Ivor Catt
121 Westfields, St Albans, AL3 4JR ISBN 0-906-340-09-8 Westfields Press 1996

Article 29 Magna Carta 15th June 1215 Runnymede by Joe Public AKA the Ringer
PO Box 1215 Thorrington, Colchester, CO7 8JD ISBN 0-952-826-70-4 Wotachambells Press 1996

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