Men/Father organisations

UK Men/Father organisations

Livebeat Dads UK
An active and excellent website campaigning against the current injustices against men in family law.

Angry Harry
A superb website dedicated to exposing feminism

Great Brutish Justice
Another active and excellent website campaigning against the current injustices against men in family law.

Men's Hour - Where the first amendment still applies to men
This is a Men's Internet radio show, currently updated once a month.

Father's First
Web site dedicated to fathers issues.

NACSA - National Campaign for Child Support Awareness
Campaigns for fair settlements and disbanding of the Child Support Agency (CSA)
They also have on their web site the CSA book of the dead dedicated to the suicides cause by the CSA
Tel: 01384 572525

UKMM - United Kingdom Mens Movement
Campaigning against: divorce, feminist employment law, date-rape, marital rape, male-bashing in the media, gender teaching bias, discrimination against men
Tel: 01242-691110

Campaigning against: divorce, feminist employment law, date-rape, marital rape, male-bashing in the media, gender teaching bias, discrimination against men
Tel: 0270-4139176

EPC - Equal Parenting Council
Campaigning for equal parenting with both parents sharing in the upbringing of children post-divorce.
Tel: 01242-691110

The girls know they've been getting away with blue murder, and it's high time we reminded them who is boss.

Ducking Stool Justice
Tells a true story of how men are treated in the UK and especially the appalling treatment given to members of the UK armed forces. Any guesses why the web site is published offshore?

Legal Survival
Has a wealth of good advice on what do do if you encounter the police, social services etc.

FASO - False Allegations Support Organisation
Offers clear information, practical advice, and emotional support for victims of false accusations.

BFMS - British False Memory Society
Serving people and professionals in contested accusations of abuse.

Forced adoption - Ian Josephs
Helps parents who are desperately trying to recover or at least make contact with children who have been snatched by social services.

Blundering News
AKA Blunderingsocialworkers - Exposes the excesses of social services, solicitors, judges, CWO's, councils, fools, and everybody who abuses their position. The stories on this site will make you feel ashamed to be British.

Bedfordshire's secret shame
Read the horrific story of how an Italian Grandmother was kidnapped by the Bedfordshire social services and how she is being held against her will in a sedated condition. So you didn't know the anti-social services were that desperate for funds?

Wiltshire social services
also try Wiltshire social services
Fighting back against corruption in the Wiltshire social services

Action Against False Allegations
Campaigns against False Allegations.

False Witness
Tells a heart rending story about the consequences of false abuse.

Nordic Committee For Human Rights
Campaigns for parental rights and against the social services. How interesting that Scandinavian countries are held as model welfare states. The real truth emerges here.

Child Rescue
This small organisation challenges social services excesses. Its leaflets contain the slogan, "If social workers are needlessly destroying your family - ring Child Rescue".
Gerry Howard, 89 Upper Lewes Road, Brighton, East Sussex BN2 3FF
Tel/Fax: 01273-692947
Trevor Grayson, Child Rescue, Unit 28, Cleethorpes Enterprise Centre, Wilton Road, Humberston, Grimsby South Humberside DN36 4AS
Tel: 01472-210562

Parents Against Injustice. Provides advice and support to those who state they have been mistakenly involved in investigations of child abuse.
Tel: Jane Hoyal 0171-583-2012

Children UK
The harm being suffered by children in the U.K. from false allegations of child abuse and from incompetent investigations into such false allegations cannot be allowed to continue when considerably higher numbers of children are being harmed by the system designed to protect them from harm.

Police Corruption
Exposes police corruption in the UK

IMN - International Men's Network

eventoddlersneedfathers - even toddlers need fathers

Men's Health
Information on men's health. Check prostate cancer

Offering support for male victims of domestic violence.

DNA Diagnostics Center:
US based Paternity Testing Laboratory, offers private paternity testing services for proving or disproving biological relationships. AABB Accredited, Specialists in DNA Paternity Testing utilizing blood, buccal swabs. DNA Diagnostics Center offers accurate, affordable DNA Paternity testing worldwide.

University Diagnostics (DNA testing)
90 London Road, London SE1 6LN
Tel: 0207 401 9898

Cellmark Diagnostics (DNA testing)
Blacklands Way, Abingdon Business Park, Abingdon, Oxon OX14 1DY
Tel: 01235 528609

Shared Parenting Information Group
Campaigns for sharing of the children between mothers and fathers after separation or divorce.

Shared Parenting
The Campaign for Justice in Divorce

The Family Support Association
An excellent page for useful information.

CSA advice
Lots of advice and help for victims here.

The Cheltenham group
Combating government policies that are destroying the traditional family structure through marginalisation of the male role.

FNF - Families Need Fathers
Although the largest UK Fathers group, they think being an every other weekend father is OK
Tel: 0207-613-5060

Matt Parker's Web site
Contains lots of useful articles and advice.

CSA information
A collection of useful information and mini survival guide brought to you by a CSA victim.

House of Lords Judgements

Both parents forever
Advising both parents, and specialising in abduction
John Bell, 39 Cloonmore Avenue, Orpington, Kent BR6 9LE
Tel: 01689-854343

Supports the UN Article 12 which says that children have a right to a say in anything that affects them. When courts or other official bodies are making decisions which affect children they must listen to what the children want and feel.
Wakeley St, London, EC1V 7QE

Helpline for battered men
Tel: 0181-644-9914

Men in Crisis Helpline
Helps male victims of domestic violence
Tel: 0181-893-5563

Grandparents' Federation
Working with Grandparents for children.
Moot House, The Stow, Harlow, Essex CM20 3AG
Tel: 01279-444964

Campaigns about the harmful effects of circumcision of either sex. Provides support for circumcised men.
PO Box 71, Stone, Staffordshire ST15 0SF.

Internet news groups

Great sites by Female campaigners

This web site salutes the wonderful work done by female campaigners. We are indebted to them for their tireless work.

MATCH - Mothers Apart from Their Children
To read harrowing stories that give a lie to the fact that the family issues are gender-related. They are not.

NHS Exposed
Dr Rita Pal Campaigns against corruption and malpractice in the NHS. She reveals the truth behind the white coat.

Melanie Phillips
Melanie Phillips is awesome. She writes about social trends and political issues.

Campaigners section

Feminists claim that: 'the squeaky wheel gets the oil' - and they are dead right. We suggest you use your time campaigning against the damage feminism is doing. Some men have greater time on their hands due to being made unemployed, or due to sickness caused by the stress of divorce, or because child support demands make it no longer practical to work. For the avoidance of doubt it should be emphasised that some of the worst feminists are men, and some of the best supporters of men are women - this is not a gender issue. The message is to write, phone, complain, boycott, refuse, and generate extra workload. Below are some good targets:

Find your local MP

CASIA - complaints against solicitors
PO Box 305, Guilford, Surrey, GU2 5WE

Advertising Standards Authority
2 Torrington Place, London WC1E 7HW
Tel: 0171-580-5555 Fax: 0171-631-3051

Equal Opportunities Commission
The EO-She pushes the envelope of wimin rights. Their concept of equality is about the same as their gender makeup and this is overwelmingly female.
Overseas House, Quay Street, Manchester M3 3HN
Tel: 0161-833-9244

The Queen and His Royal Highness Prince Charles via the fax number ( UK ): Fax 020-7839-5950
The Queen
Leave a message for The Queen
His Royal Highness Prince Charles

BBC Radio 4/5 and Local - BBC radio-4 - BBC radio-5

BBC1 and BBC2 TV
BBC TV Points of View

Broadcasting Standards Commission

National broadsheet UK Newspapers

Sunday Telegraph
The Times
Sunday Times
Independent on Sunday

Click for other UK National and Local Newspapers

Click to get search engines

Family and Child organisations

Family and Youth Concern
322 Woodstock Road, Oxford, OX2 7NS
Tel: 01865-556848

SPUC - Society for the protection of the unborn child
5/6 St Mathew St, London SW1P 2BR
Tel: 0171-222-5845

Other organisations

Campaigns on behalf of inmates.
PO Box 2600, Brighton, East Sussex BN2 2DX.
Tel: 01273-685913

Campaigns for civil liberties - such as 'victim' terrorists who kill and maim innocent civilians
21 Tabard Street, London, SE1 4LA
Tel: 0171-403-3888

New Democracy Politics
A new power of public self defence against the forces of corruption
PO Box 187, Chesterfield, Derbs, S40 2DU
Tel: 01246-555713

Useful addresses

International Men/Father organisations

General International Links

Doug's Coparenting Links
Parents Forever International

Arg Argentina

Association of New Parents (ANUPA)

Aus Australian groups

Australian Mens's Party
Mens's Rights
Australian Family Law Case Database
Society for the B... Interests of the Child

Aust Austrian groups

Aktion Recht des Kindes auf beide Eltern

Belg Belgian groups

Gescheiden Ouders Dienstbetoon door Informatie (GOUDI)

CAN Canadian groups

Canadian Equal Parenting Groups Directory
Entraide Peres-Enfants Separes
F.A.C.T. Canadian Links page

F French Groups

Parents Forever FRANCE
L'Enfant Et Son Droit
Federation des Mouvements de la Condition Paternelle -- L'Enfant et son Pere

D German Groups

Parents Forever
Eltern fuer Immer
Vaeter fuer Kinder

NL Holland

Dwaze Vaders
Platform bezoekrecht voor gescheiden ouders

IRE Ireland

Parental Equality

IS Israel Groups

Ra'ash - Party for the Rights of Men in the Family
Prisoners in Zion

I Italian Groups

Papa' Separati

N Norwegian groups

Norwegian Men's Movement
JCAN Joint Custody Association of Norway

SA South Africa

Children After Relationships End
Divorce, divorce laws, rule 43 and divorce injustices in South Africa

S Sweden

Project for the Improvement of Child Support Litigation Technology (PICSLT)
and Project for the Improvement of Child Support Litigation Technology (PICSLT)

CH Switzerland

Children and Divorce
Mouvement pour la condition paternelle - MCP
Padri Educatori Responsabili
Parents Forever Switzerland
Events page
List of links in europe

USA US Groups

Fathers Manifesto
Promise Keepers
NCFM - National Coalition of Free Men
DADI - Dads Against the Divorce Industry
DADS - Dads Against Descrimination
NCFC - Non Custodial Parents Resource Centre
NCFC - National Congress for Fathers and Children
Men's Media
Men's Defense
ACFC - American Coalition for Fathers and Children
Men's Issues
FREE - Fathers Rights and Equality Exchange
American Divorce Reform
Fathering Homepage - Fathering Magazine
Fathers' Resource Center
The A-Team: Deals with false abuse
Full-Time Dads Home Page
Stu's Fathers' Rights Page
Women for Fatherhood
Father's Rights Network
We The People

NZ New Zealand Groups

NZ Families Apart Require Equality
NZ Men's Rights Association

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