Future and Past Events

September 2001

Coventry - Outside the home of Judge Donald Hamilton

On 22-Sep-01 outside the house of Judge Donald Hamilton in support of Jason Biddulph (the M6 protester).
June 2001

Fathers Day Protest outside Cambridge County Family Courts

On 15-June-01 there was a protest outside the Cambridge County Family Court just before Father's Day.
June 1998

Fathers maintain a presence outside Royal Courts of Justices

On 11-June-98 there will be a presence of fathers outside the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand at 11:00am until 4:00pm. Nearest Tube Aldwych and Temple. Come along and show your support.
April 1998

Talk Radio hosts a phone-in to UKMM chairman Ian Kelly

On 29-April-98 Talk Radio will host a phone-in to the UKMM chairman Ian Kelly. Time 7:00pm to 8:00pm. Their frequency is MW 1089. Their phone number if you want to call-in is 0500-105389.

March 1998

UKMM releases new book

The UKMM has released a new book called: "DIVORCE - The facts you need to know". The book is an exposure of the closed door divorce court system and its practices. A package of advice for its victims.

This book can be ordered from the UKMM. Please send cheque or postal order payable to the UKMM for £8.50 (inc P+P) and quoting Divorce and ISBN 1-900616-05-X send it to: UKMM, PO BOX 205, Cheltenham. Glos GL51 0YL.


Women-only sessions at Leicester Public Libraries

Could anyone objecting to this gender-apartheid please write to:

Abigail Melville
Local Government Officer
The Labour Party
John Smith House
150 Walworth Road
London SE17 1ST

Michael Clarke
Head of Library and Information Services
Leicester City Council
New Walk Centre
Leicester LE1 67G

Cheltenham Group releases new book

The Cheltenham Group has released a new book called: "The Emperor's New Clothes". The book describes the realities of divorce for fathers and their children. This follows many years of study of written law, case law, the case histories of men during and after divorce, and recently of the results of a survey of members of Families Need Fathers conducted in 1995.

"If to be a conscientious and committed husband and father was today even vaguely politically correct, both parts of the report would be at the top of every 'fearless campaigning' journalist's list of truly sensational scandals of the second half of the twentieth century"

Norman Dennis 1997

The book can be ordered from: The Cheltenham Group, Cross Winds, Carron Lane, Midhurst, West Sussex, GU29 9LB quoting ISBN 1 900080 03 6.

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