Advice for Men Experiencing Domestic Violence Allegations

If your wife and children disappear without trace then you will obviously be worried about their whereabouts. If you subsequently discover that they are staying at a women's refuge then hold on tight you are in for a rough ride.

You are about to enter a Twilight Zone where: lies are presented as truth, men as brutal oppressors, and women are sugar and spice and all things nice. Prepare yourself for, and expect, a tissue of lies. Many women working in domestic violence refuges despise men. These individuals are card carrying FemiNazies. There is no way that you can reason with them - it is not even worth trying.

The lies that can be told about you are simply a device to remove you from your children and transfer as much of your wealth and property over to the woman. Previously divorce was the device that was used to achieve this, however fewer men have been prepared to marry and so 'domestic violence' has been created as the new 'engine' for the transfer of wealth from men to women. Even if the couple are not married and the property is completely owned by the man THE MAN STILL CAN GET KICKED OUT OF HIS OWN HOUSE. The Domestic Homes legislation has been used to achieve this. The most important item you can have is a small tape-recorder. Try to get a version that also records your own phone conversations (from your own home). Once recorded, make sure you get a copy and get the original into a safe place. Knowing you are recording calms you down. An additional benefit is that when relating your version of events you can be 100% certain of the accuracy. Playing the recording to your lawyer also gives you credibility and this increased confidence and self-assurance is very effective in court and likely to not even needing the replaying of the tapes to verify your version of events. Here are some golden rules:

You have these choices:

So why is this happening? * Often this can be 'positioning behaviour' for the purposes of extracting concessions. Here is an example "Whilst in a refuge she wants him to apply for a bigger council house so they can live together". There are two possible responses to this: concede, or not to concede to these coercive demands. The choice is yours.


What are my rights if the police knock at the door and want to enter?
If you are the sole owner or the sole tenant then unless the Police have a warrant they have no right to enter your home. Any attempts to enter your home are likely intended to create fear and humiliation. Once in your home various false allegations could be made against you. It is wise therefore not to comply. Ignore any threats e.g. of arrest. If there are negotiations then try and get these recorded or videoed. Do not open your door or leave your home while negotiations are on going and keep all negotiation short.

What must you do if the Police somehow get in your home
Try to get a witness and record all conversations. Remember anything that can be used against you will be. You are going to have to bite your lip. If your partner is there collecting property, the police will even assist the theft of property that is demonstrably not hers. For example one man had a mans bike taken by his wife, using such an assisted theft, with two bailiffs and a police officer present. All of them ignored the mans objections that the mans style bike was his.

Do I have to comply with spurious demands?
e.g. to shake hands - Answer: No.

What rights do I have to ask the Police or Refuge staff about my children?
There is no point in even trying. They will likely answer that this is not their business. Because you are a man, then as far as the refuge staff are concerned, you are guilty of unspeakable crimes. There is no point asking their assistance, this is just not going to happen.

Do they have rights to demand answers to other questions?
e.g. if you are in work Answer: No, it is none of their business.

But is it not always men who commit domestic violence?
No most studies that have looked at violence committed by both genders have found domestic violence to be fairly equal between the genders. Men are capable of violence and women are capable of using weapons and poisons and of striking when a man is incapacitated e.g. because he is asleep or restrained. Most of the violence committed against children is by women. Violence is especially endemic in fatherless households. Studies of such fatherless households have found the rate of abuse against children as 33 times higher than when both natural-parents are present.

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