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Prone to Violence By Erin Pizzey
This book (heavily suppressed by Feminists) suggests that some women are prone to violence and their attendence at at women's refuges is more like a revolving door. Erin Pizzey had threats made against her in an attempt to silence her. Pizzey started the first women's refuge in the World at Chiswick, London.
Nottinghamshire's Secret Shame
Nottinghamshire social services department spent two years investigating Satanic ritual abuse and witchcraft, that never really happened. - The JET Report.
Bearbaiting and Fatherbaiting
BEARBAITING, the medieval sport of setting of dogs on a bear or a bull chained to a stake by the neck or leg. Well Fatherbaiting is the modern equivalent
Judges - Enemies of the Realm
This leaflet explains why judges are quite simply - Enemies of the Realm
The Harm Caused By False Accusations
This article deals with the harm caused by false accusations and reveals the horror that the falsely accused are prevented from investigating by the very organizations that are supposed to protect families.
Suffering Patriarchy
This book is about how they are attacking the fundamental structure of our nation by and through the destruction of fatherhood, and from this altruistic endeavor to "save our children" from fatherhood, they are implementing a change of our system and form of government to radical 3rd wave feminism (socialism/communism).
Selective supression and the manufacture of domestic violence lies
The state engages in the selective suppression of the democratic process, while laws designed to curb the excesses of politicians are flouted with impunity. Judicial activism is responsible for this. The shift of power to un-elected judges is returned by judges serving their political masters. The people lose as they neither control parliament or the courts. The result is that government is out of control, for example, with the manufacture of domestic violence lies.
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